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Roland Rat Superstar

BIRTHDAY - 12th March / STAR SIGN - Pisces / FIRST APPEARANCE - Spectacular Shedvision Show / HOBBIES - Reading fan mail


Roland was born in a sewer under King's Cross railway station in London. From an early age he knew his destiny was to be famous and entertain the masses. He began his televisual career on breakfast TV station, TV-am. It was well documented that the station's ratings had fallen, and something needed to be done to get viewers back.Roland in the Ratmobile

Michael Parkinson introduced Roland's first broadcast, on the 1st April, 1983, from a shed on the top of the TV-am studios in London. The response was immediate. Roland was given his own series, Rat On The Road, in which he toured the UK in his pink Ford Anglia, the Ratmobile. Kevin bought the car for just 85, and unfortunately, it always broke down. And it was pink.

TV-am's ratings went up, thanks to Roland. A trip to Switzerland followed for Christmas, 1983, then Roland went to Hong Kong to make a film - Enter The Rodent. Sadly, the film didn't get made, and Roland, Kevin, and Little Reggie - who appeared in Roland's luggage, had to travel home by working as air stewards! Rat On The Road II was made during the summer of 1984, and then during October, Roland and the gang rescued a guinea pig called Glenis from Harrod's pet department, in a daring series of attempts called Operation F.O.G.I. (Free Our Glen Immediately). Numerous other specials followed, but Roland fancied a change, so in October, 1985, he moved channels to the BBC. More of his friends appeared, including Fergie, the DIY ferret, Colin, Roland's pet flea, and even Iris and Freddy made TV appearances.

Roland at the BBCRoland made a Christmas special, plus two series of Roland Rat: The Series, the first of which was broadcast on a Saturday night prime-time slot. In 1987, super-hero status was assured, when Roland and the gang became crime fighters. Roland became Ratman, Kevin was Pink Bucket Man, and Errol was Leekman. Little Reggie was, obviously Wind Man, and the odd-job ferret, Fergie became Kiltman. Roland appeared on other top TV shows, including Wogan, Blankety Blank, and the Children's Royal Variety Performance.

Roland then left the BBC, and ventured off to America, to Los Angeles and made several programs called LA Rat, which were broadcast on Channel 5 in the UK. Roland also tried his magic on Channel 4's The Big Breakfast in an attempt to boost viewing figures. Sadly, this time around it didn't work, and the TV show was axed.

Roland has kindly done four interviews with us over years, and you can see what he had to say here.

Rol and the gang now divide their time between the UK and Los Angeles. They live in a custom built sewer under the Hollywood sign, and you will be able to keep up with their adventures on this very site, and on Instagram and Twitter! There are currently no official Roland Rat Facebook pages.

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