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The Official Worldwide Roland Rat Appreciation Society

                    Original LogoBy June, 1984, Roland had become so popular, that it was necessary to set up his own fan club, and so OWRRAS  - the Official Worldwide Roland Rat Appreciation Society - was born. Roland's mum, Iris, ran the club, with newsletters (Rat News), competitions and free gifts being mailed to Ratfans on a regular basis. The Society was graded, meaning that every year on renewal, Ratfans became a grade higher member. 

Rat News Issue

Rat News was a fantastic communication tool for Roland as this was long before the internet and e-mail. Fans were sent out four copies a year, sometimes they were themed. Errol has a special green coloured issue, Kevin did a yellow sunflower issue and there were other specials when Roland joined the BBC. Rat News was full of just that - news about Roland and the gang. He kept everyone up to date with new products, TV shows and the latest goings on.

During the Summer of 1985, Roland broadcast the OWRRAS Summer Spectacular from Roland's sewer. Iris was proud of the the fact that she was able to reply to every letter individually, although this became increasingly more difficult as OWRRAS grew. Eventually, the Society was restructured to give everyone lifetime membership!

Having his own Official fan club, meant Roland could communicate with his fans much more easily, and they with him. It also enabled him to pass on the more personal touch, with exclusive information, free gifts, and occasionally, signed memorabilia.


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